Courrège’s fashion inspired the costumes worn in the 2001 film, and in retrospect you can see why he was called Corbusier’s couture of the 1960s. Some people imagined a future fashion that culminated in nudity, others looked back on timeless classical simplicity, but such fashion futurism now looks completely fashionable. Repeating this look at the dawn of the new millennium is like copying 1950s couture: some like it, some don’t, while others do.

    Contrary to popular belief, fashion is not dead, but its system seems to be undergoing profound and often traumatic change. Ethnic influences have always been part of Western fashion, and this mix of exotic styles has become more intense and eclectic in recent decades. Splintered into many small tribes, a few people still obey the traditional czarist fashion.

    The vast majority of consumers regard the new creations of great designers as irrelevant, though admittedly these designers have loyal followers.

    For young people, there is still considerable interest in clothes as an expression of their identity, and they tend to create their own anti-fashion based on local musical subcultures. Street style then becomes a source of inspiration for fashion designers, but as the failure of grunge proved, it is not easy to commercialize street style. Certain companies, such as Gap, have weathered the recession well by promoting their high-end clothing line. However, when other manufacturers follow suit, the market becomes overburdened, especially in the fashion industry.

    Nevertheless, it is possible to identify a number of trends in modern fashion, such as the rise of street style in the late 1990s and 2000s.

    During the reign of Queen Victoria, a variety of styles were popular, including those from the Victorian and Art Deco eras. When exploring trends – the setting of jewelry styles – the old is new again, and current jewelry designs often reflect the trends of the time, such as the use of gold and silver in jewelry design, as well as modern trends.

    Magician woman wearing black costume and halloween makeup holding carved pumpkin isolated over yellow background

    Science fiction styles have infiltrated all kinds of designers: Stephen Sprouse’s Fall / Winter 1999 collection included a robe and T-shirt printed with the NASA logo, while Helmut Lang presented a silver leather motorcycle suit. Karl Lagerfeld had his team at Chanel design the Millennium (2005), which was shaped to look like a woman’s upper body being turned upside down. A space odyssey, dressed in sharp shoulder-length trousers and suits, with a face covered in silver-gray.

    The android-themed collection for Chanel’s Fall / Winter 1999 collection for New York Fashion Week was decorated with glowing dark computers and chip prints.

    It is true that the 1990s are over, but there is still time to relive the Millennium and, given the current resurgence in popularity, it is almost time. The revival of Nineties culture has seen a resurgence in Nineties culture, with brands such as Calvin Klein, Gucci, Chanel, Prada and even Lugz returning to the forefront of fashion (though, surprisingly, LugZ did not make the cut).

    The Nike TN, an icon of the millennium era that has recently experienced a resurgence, has been reissued in a number of different styles, including the Nike T-shirt, Nike Air Force 1 and even a pair of the iconic Nike Puma sneakers.

    The fact that this was the dominant theme of the epoch only shows how courageous the hope was for the time and how progressive we were in trying to predict the future. Flying cars are still the preserve of science fiction and futurism – they always look ridiculous in retrospect, but people tried to dress as if the year 2000 was within reach, even though it was. A nostalgic Tumblr dedicated to documenting the imagery of that time describes it as a time when “there was no future” and people tried to be as forward-looking as possible – technological, technological, and fashionable.

    In the mid-2000s, the fashion world saw a threat to girls around the world, but the last decade has been a departure from that trend. The image of loving teenagers crowding into the front rows at every fashion week, supplanting the high-flying celebrities and the celebrities who had behaved for decades.

    While many designers and brands struggled with what Y2 K actually meant for the future of fashion, others realized that December 31, 1999, was to be the party of the millennium and everyone had to dress up for the occasion. Millennium collections, the decade looked to provide fodder for a new generation of young women and young men in the fashion world. While some designers have showcased the most decadent, over – the – top designs of this decade, there are also dozens showcasing some of their best designs from the past decade.

    Clothing is about having a good time without worrying about the future, and with the new millennium and a new era, fashion has turned around, recycled nothing and produced nothing entirely new. That makes millennial fashion so much more than a celebration of the past decade.


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